A Oceânica

Who we are

For over 43 years we have developed subsea solutions for the offshore energy industry.
We are a Brazilian company with strong presence in offshore assets integrity, assuring long term environmental sustainability.
We work on prevention, contingency and engineering seeking risk mitigation of potential environmental impacts on our clients’ activities and increasing their assets service life. We offer inspection, intervention, and monitoring services of subsea structures. We also develop complete solutions for our clients, creating and optimizing engineering resources.

Our business strategy focuses on operational excellence and on the safety of our operations, providing the best experience for our clients, environment sustainability, and respect for society.
We strongly work on production maintenance support, especially, performing essential activities for prevention and conservation in O&G and renewable energy industries, supporting subsea construction market and large enterprises in ports and hydroelectric power plants. We also work as a service provider for companies in other segments, such as telecommunications and mining.


Since 1978, Oceânica has lived a continuous growth cycle. Its founder, Alfredo Califfa, inspired by his professional experience in subsea activities and motivated by the need of several national and international companies to execute subsea intervention services, started the company’s activities working for hydroelectric power plants and ports, to assure the safety of operations , the environment and people involved.

Willing to engage in challenging projects, Oceânica qualifies itself and constantly increase its services portfolio, generating technological improvements that were and are continuously embraced by the company, incorporating resources such as equipment, operational bases, vessels, ROVs, and other special tools that combined with employee capacity, assure its leading market position.

  1. 1978

    Beginning of the activities and opening of Rio de Janeiro’s headquarter, working for hydroelectric power plants and port construction.

  2. 1987

    First contract with oil and gas industry.

  3. 1988

    Beginning of subsea inspection activity, having Petrobras as the main client.

  4. 1995

    Acquisition of ANHK – diving support vessel.

  5. 1997

    First IRM (Inspection, Repair and Maintenance), OT (Oceanic Terminals), and FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) long-term contract.

  6. 2000

    First long-term contract to provide engineering services for the oil industry.

  7. 2001

    • Opening of operational base in Macaé (RJ). Most of the activities provided to meet the oil industry´s needs is concentrated in this region, where Petrobras has several administrative offices and one port. With this branch in the city, Oceânica was closer, geographically, to its clients, partners, and competitors.
    • Opening of its own Training Centers, installed in Macaé base, having training rooms and a diving tank for constant training and operation simulations for diving teams.
  8. 2008

    Certification ISO 14001, completing its Integrated Management System (SGO) that already had ISO 9001 and OSHAS 18001. The certification has allowed the company to compete for more demanding contracts.

  9. 2009

    GLP pipes launch in Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – construction that included launching of subsea lines in an extension of 14 km.

  10. 2010

    Pipe laying from Ubarana platform, Guamaré (RN) – extension of 5 km.

  11. 2011

    Acquisition of OCEANICASUB II – Oceânica was qualified as EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) by Petrobras. Vessel charter.

  12. 2011 e 2012

    First Pull-in / Pull-out and CRD (Duct Repair Coordination) contract – With the possibility of performing diving in deeper water, even more structured engineering services and highly capacitated professionals, Oceânica signed two of the main contracts for contingency and repair.

  13. 2012

    Launching of pipelines between Atum and Xaréu platforms in Fortaleza (CE) – extension of 10 km.

  14. 2016

    Acquisition of OCEANICASUB III – Built with the same format of OCEANICASUB II, expanded the possibilities do meet new contracts.

  15. 2017

    Construction of OCEANICASUB IV and OCEANICASUB V – DSVs (Dive Support Vessel) with dynamic positioning (DP2), therefore more stable and with advanced technology to support inspection services.

  16. 2018

    Petrobras Award of Best Supplier in Diving Service Area and Petrobras Best Supplier Award as HSE Highlight – The public acknowledgement from the client reaffirms the steps taken by Oceânica throughout 40 years.

  17. 2019

    First Diverless contract – Oceânica’s pioneering spirit using ROV and mitigating the risk of exposure of our divers.

  18. 2020

    First Work Class ROV (RSV) contract – With the advance of deeper water explorations and the rising use of remote inspection vehicles, Oceânica acquired its first ROV for inspection and operation in deep waters.

  19. 2021

    • Creation of Training Center for Work Class ROVs (CTO), implementation of Diver of the Future Project, ROV Trainee and Operations Trainee Programs – Having as a characteristic the thorough training of its professionals, Oceânica opens one more training center in Maricá (RJ),specially focusing on activities with ROV use. The CTO has great structure for theoretical and practice training, with simulators and tanks for ROV.
    • Signing of relevant contracts, as a result of our innovative solutions: Pressure equalization, Hibernation and Lot C.
Leading company in O&G assets integrity, assuring long-term environmental sustainability. Safer assets for a cleaner world
Shallow IRM
IRM Profundo

Currently, the only company in the Brazilian market that provides inspection in depths from 0 to 3,000 meters.

> 200 professional divers

34 ROVs and > 200 ROV pilots

> 250 technicians and engineers

Offshore Maintenance

Pioneer and the only company to provide this kind of service in Brazil

Largest specialized assets base from Brazil

> 200 technicians and engineers

Specialized Services

Subsea EPC works and decommission for offshore energy industry

> 150 technicians and engineers

What we do



Shore approach / comissionamento 2
Inspeção de dutos rasos 6 IMR em estruturas offshore – SDSV 3
Dragagem e correção de vão livre IMR em estruturas offshore Mergulho 5

Descomissionamento 7

UWILD para FPSOs e submersíveis Inspeção de risers 9

Pull-in e Pull-out 10

Inspeção de mangotes 11

Inspeção de amarras 12

IMR em estruturas offshore – ROV

ROV Work Class até 3.000m de profundidade

Comissionamento de cabos
eletro-ópticos para eólicas offshore

Mission, Vision and Values


To continue in the forefront of subsea solutions development in the energy industry, applying the best operational technology and technical teams, to always be the first choice of our stakeholders.


To assure the integrity of our clients’ assets, preventing accidents and preserving the safety of the environment and lives involved, guaranteeing long-term environmental sustainability.

Principles and Values:

  • Ethics: To apply highest ethical and professional standards in everything we do. Seek transparency in relationships with our employees, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders, keeping compliance with internal and external rules, standards, and procedures.
  • Safety: To take care of people’s safety, preservation of the environment and our communities. We must always search for the best possible performance inside the highest safety standards.
  • Innovation: To stimulate the creativity, enthusiasm, merit, and initiative of all employee’s aiming the best performance possible.
  • Self-realization: The satisfaction of the employees and the self-realization are priorities for the company’s success.
  • Excellence: To develop creative and innovative solutions to meet and anticipate our clients’ demands. Focus on client satisfaction and service quality.
  • Sustainability: To foster continuous, positive, and responsible contribution to all of our stakeholders. To be proactive from approaching social responsibility to minimize the impacts of our activities on the planet, collaborating with the construction and sustainability of a more human and fair country.

Our facilities

Training Centers

Rio da Ostras (RJ)

Rio das OsThe safety of our employees is one of the principles and values of Oceânica. And to assure technical excellence in HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality), the company invests massively in formation and training. Oceânica has a Training Center in Rio das Ostras’ (RJ) base, since 2012, focused on non-destructive testing techniques, diving, and safety, meeting IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) requirements.

We have an annual schedule of new techniques labor formation training, with certification of the professionals along with classification societies to prepare the team for tests at ABENDI (Associação Brasileira de Ensaios Não Destrutivos), scientific technical institution provider of solutions that collaborate for the increase of company’s businesses and people’s development. Anticipating new market demand, Oceânica is preparing its employees to be IMCA supervisors.

Oceânica is the only company in Brazil that has its own tanks and simulators. Anytime that there is some change in diving legislation, or a new chart is released by American Navy, we train all the employees and present the certification to our clients, showing the company’s commitment with the excellence of the work provided.

Simulations for emergency training and new techniques are executed with highly qualified teams, along with periodic and rigorous maintenance on the equipment. In each new project, all labor responsible for the job is properly trained according to established procedures, minimizing accidents risks. In 2020, 49.350 trainings were performed, and 20.100 certifications were issued.

Some of the courses executed in our CTO – Rio das Ostras (RJ) are:

  • NR-11, NR-12, NR-17, NR-34, NR-35, and NR-37
  • Internal auditors’ formation
  • IMCA qualification
  • ABENDI qualification
  • ROV formation
  • Helmet purging
  • Diving maintenance
  • Tensioners and torquemeters, among others

Besides the training centers, Oceânica has partnerships with the best training schools in the region and has an online platform to execute distant trainings and an app that allows the execution of courses from a smartphone.

Maricá (RJ)

In 2021, Oceânica expanded its training capacity once again, implementing one more Training Center in Maricá (RJ), with instructors, three simulators (ROV, Work Class ROV and Linx), pool with a pipe for inspection training and providing the vessel ANHK for external training. The new center comes to meet the needs of the Diver of the Future Program whose goal is to qualify all company’s divers as ROV pilots by the end of 2022.

This is a Oceânica’s commitment and understanding that the offshore market demands more and more of a hybrid professional and to give the opportunity for our team to be on the forefront. The first class will begin in March and the goal is that in the next six months 100 divers have already been qualified for this new job and will be able to work on Diverless contracts.

Headquarter and branches

We are present in the cities of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Rio das Ostras (RJ), Macaé (RJ) and Maricá (RJ).


  • Company name: Oceânica Engenharia e Consultoria S.A.
  • CNPJ:29.980.141/0001-08
  • State inscription:85.516.639
  • City inscription:51398-9
  • Address: Rua Victor Civita 66, Bl. 01, Ed. 05, salas 623/626 - Rio Office Park Jacarepaguá – Rio de Janeiro (RJ) CEP: 22.775-044
  • Telephone: (21) 2139-4250

Branch (Macaé):

  •  Company name:Oceânica Engenharia e Consultoria S.A.
  • CNPJ: 29.980.141/0003-61
  •  State inscription:76.116.628
  • City inscription:013076-1
  • Address:Rua Odete Coutinho Pereira, nº 225 Vale Encantado – Macaé (RJ) CEP: 27.933-390
  • Telephone:(22) 3321-6250

Branch (Rio das Ostras)

  • Company name: Oceânica Engenharia e Consultoria S.A.
  • CNPJ:  29.980.141/0004-42
  •  State inscription:79.524.603
  • City inscription:7819
  • Address:Avenida Zen, S/N - Lotes 1,2 e parte do lote 3 - Quadra B Zen - Rio das Ostras (RJ) CEP: 28.899-002
  • Telephone:(22) 3321-6300

Branch 6 (Rio das Ostras)

  • Company name: Oceânica Engenharia e Consultoria S.A.
  • CNPJ: 29.980.141/0006-04
  • Address:Rua do Engenheiro, Quadra F, Lt.10 Zen – Rio das Ostras (RJ) CEP: 28890-000
  • Telephone: (22) 3321-6300

Ethics and Transparency

Oceânica is built under the principles of honesty, integrity, and respect for people, which guides our practices and allows the management of our business with ethics and social responsibility.

We strive to respect rules and regulations, human rights, protect the environment and help the communities where we work.

Code of Conduct

We have a code of conduct that establishes important parameters for our day-to-day operations, guiding our practices and our relationships with our stakeholders. We hope that all employees, no matter which location, department or position, apply the highest integrity standards in their actions and use this Code as the guiding principles for their relationship with clients, suppliers, service providers, business partners, other employees, community, government agencies, professional classe associations or in any other situation, always following the ethical principles of Oceânica.

Integrity Program

We adopt policies and internal procedures that allow us to prevent and detect irregularities, deviation, frauds, or other illegal acts that may be performed internally or by people and entities connected to our company. For that, we created internal policies and established processes that need to be faithfully observed and followed:

Complaint Channel

We are focused on keeping the Company free of irregularities and a workplace with integrity, therefore we provide to our clients, suppliers, and employees a safe complaint channel where it is possible to make complaints with guaranteed privacy. We hired a specialized company intermediate the complaints and assure the author’s anonymity and the records integrity.

We provide a safe and anonymous channel to send complaints and suggestions regarding the company and its Ethics Code and Compliance Manual. This is one more initiative to assure the transparency and solidity in the relationships established with all stakeholders: suppliers, business partners, clients, employees, and shareholders.

The reports will be received and registered by a specialized external company that will treat the interactions and will forward them to the Ethics Committee, assuring the process compliance and the information privacy.

The channel is already available to everybody, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week and it can be accessed by phone, website, and smartphone app.

Telephone: 0800 800 8055

Site: https://contatoseguro.com.br/oceanica

App: Contato Seguro (I-Plus)