Specialized Engineering Services

Diverse structures installation Arrow

Instalação de PLEM, PLET e Manifolds.

Pipe commissioning Arrow

Mobilization for operation after launching or repair, including the execution of several activities as cleaning and hydrostatic test.

Structure decommissioning Arrow

Activity directly linked to environmental preservation where pipes and sea structures are removed from operation (disabled or inoperative) avoiding that they become a sea contamination source.

Hydrostatic test Arrow

Activity that aims to certify that previous steps of the construction or maintenance were executed successfully, and that the sea structure will support the workload which it was designed for.

Risers and manifolds installation Arrow

Activity that counts on highly qualified team and edge technology. It usually involves large size equipment to handle with load movements and big maneuvers.

Subsea pipe repair with mechanical connectors Arrow

Executed with constantly trained and capacitated labor to assure the integrity of clients’ installations, preservation of environment and the best work conditions for our employees.

Subsea cable launching Arrow

Launching and commissioning of eletro-optical and data cables. As examples, we have the launching and installation of electric-optical cables in Ubarana-RN, Angra dos Reis-RJ and Paquetá-RJ.

Subsea pipe launching Arrow

Using several launching techniques adapted to each situation. One of the most complex and demanding operations with the use of several vessels, multiple teams to fabricate pipe strings, handling and positioning, installation, inspections, and tests.

Diverse operations in areas classified offshore installation Arrow

Oceânica was responsible for creating the first diving system for classified areas (explosive potential areas), with equipment that has all the certifications and standards required by the industry, with the goal of enabling execution of diving activities regardless the system location in the facility.

Pull-in / Pull-out Arrow

Pull-in/Pull-out operations consist of a set of maneuvers from a DSV (Dive Support Vessel) or a SPU (Stationary Production Unit), preceded by a mobilization/preparation of main and supporting collection systems with the main goal of connecting the pipe with the unit (pull-in) or to perform pipe decommissioning through its disconnection (pull-out).

Our services also include diverless resources where we provide work fronts with ROVs and highly trained teams that highly increase the effectiveness of the projects.