Our business and operating model incorporate strong ESG practices. We work to prevent accidents and we apply the most advanced technologies to reduce environmental impacts in the oceans that surround all Brazilian offshore energy generation.

Our business and operating model incorporate strong ESG practices.
Environmental Environmental

  • Inspection and preventive maintenance contracts, preserving the environment
  • Engineering and development of specialized contingency tools
  • One of the few Brazilian companies with decommissioning knowledge – IBAMA demand

Governance Governance

  • Ethics Code, Compliance, Complaint Channel, Internal Audit
  • HSEQ management

Social Social

  • Diver of the future Program – reduction of diver exposure and ROV certification for all of Oceânica's divers until December/22
  • Founder’s culture ofo giving back to the community

Sustainability is in our DNA, and it is part of our values and principles, reflecting how we do business. We act with responsibility and always consider our impact on the planet, people, and communities.



Despite a rising effort to reduce the use of fossil fuel and carbon emissions, oil production will continue to be an essential source of energy generation for the next decades given the high cost to replace this energy source. Due to this replacement difficulty, it is extremely important to assure that these natural resources are extracted in the most sustainable way possible. This is Oceânica’s mission.

More than to remedy, we work every day to prevent accidents and assure that natural resources are extracted safely and sustainably and we use all available technologies to minimize harmful impacts of oil exploration and production in natural resources and mankind.

We have in our vessels, crew teams, divers and ROV pilots working 24 hours a day on the important mission to promote the preservation of the environment through inspection, maintenance, and repair of our clients’ assets in onshore and offshore environments, reducing potential risks of incidents and accidents. This work guarantees the integrity of their assets, promoting higher safety to on board employees and contributing to ocean preservation that surrounds all Brazilian offshore energy generation.

We are in process of elaborating of our first annual sustainability report and materiality matrix to identify, prioritize and incorporate to management, social, environmental, and economic aspects linked to positive and negative impacts of our business and operations. This process is part of our strategic communication plan and commitment with social, environmental sustainability and the best governance practices.