Complaint Channel

We provide a safe and anonymous channel to send complaints and suggestions regarding the company and its Ethics Code and Compliance Manual. This is one more initiative to assure the transparency and solidity in the relationships established with all stakeholders: suppliers, business partners, clients, employees, and shareholders.

The reports will be received and registered by a specialized external company that will treat the interactions and will forward them to the Ethics Committee, assuring the process compliance and the information privacy.

The channel is already available to everybody, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week and it can be accessed by phone, website, and smartphone app.

Telephone: 0800 800 8055


App: Contato Seguro (I-Plus)

These platforms have simple interface and forms, easy to fill in, facilitating the communication and data register.

Oceânica continues following the ethics and integrity path.

To make a complaint totally anonymous, go to the website below (all your data will be preserved):

Call or access the Ethics Channel: