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Environmental impact prevention through Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM)

We execute Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) with divers and ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicle), to assure the integrity of the inspected assets.

We provide fully integrated solutions, engineering services and technologies that protect the integrity of the assets and optimize the performance of the subsea infrastructure throughout the field service life. Our IRM services can be customized, applying several NDT (non-destructive testing) techniques, and developing internal methods and tools for subsea intervention through our divers and ROVs.

We are versatile and through our expertise and experience we are always on the forefront of creating innovative solutions to meet and overcome our clients’ expectations.

Some Prevention services

  • Non-destructive testing through subsea inspection techniques
  • FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) Support
  • Pull-in / Pull-out
  • Prevention service with divers and/or ROV using DSV (Dive Support Vessel)
  • Hose inspection (ocean fixed terminals)
  • Father and Son Vessel (activities executed by divers through a smaller vessel: LDB – Light Dive Boat)
  • Diverless operations (subsea inspection services executed by ROV)

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The Duct Repair and Development Coordination (CRD) started its activities in 1984 with an initial guideline to provide repair services in subsea rigid pipelines in contingency situations, focusing on technological improvements to this end.

We are the largest Brazilian company in subsea contingency and intervention for the oil and gas industry, assuring project safety and integrity, having a leading position in pipeline repair coordination for Petrobras.

With the largest specialized asset base in Brazil, we develop several solutions and tools to solve deep water problems.

Nowadays, we are responsible for rigid pipeline repair services in contingency situation and for tool operations for containment/response in subsea equipment blow out scenarios. We are also responsible for subsea special maintenance, intervention, and installation operations, with developing and application of diverless solutions and new technologies to meet these services.

The CRD continuously works on the development of new solutions and the improvements of projects and equipment, to always assure the safety, operational efficiency, and continuous improvement, having each challenge as a chance of improvement and learning.

After more than 30 years operating at Benedicto Lacerda base in Cabiúnas, the CRD is fully operating in the new base located in the industrial hub of Novo Cavaleiros – Macaé/RJ, since January 2021. With the new facility, resources, and contractual requirements more complete and stronger, the expectation is to enable safety increase, productivity, and larger operational capacity to provide specialized technical services.

The CRD has a variety of solutions to meet the most different requirements involving subsea activities, specially diverless ones, structured with two lines of work

(i) Subsea intervention and customized services: Subsea intervention specialized technical services, providing the solutions, parts, and components agreed in the contract. The CRD has an engineering projects development specialized team, technical procedures preparation team and operational technical support available 24 hours. We work hard developing solutions to reduce diving intervention, decreasing the risks of professionals’ exposure.

(ii) Repair of rigid pipelines and Contingency: specialized technical services for Repair of rigid pipelines and Contingency, providing the parts and components agreed in the contract. The CRD has an engineering projects development specialized team, in addition to a team with specific training to give technical support in case of a blow out. The tools and projects are constantly improved and customized when necessary to improve client service.

The CRD creations empower the relationship with our partners and put the company on the forefront of subsea activities innovation.

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We develop complete solutions for our clients, creating and optimizing tools and resources to meet contingency projects for preservation of the environment. We provide subsea engineering specific services that involve construction and assembly, new installations, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and we innovated with the creation of tools and solutions that generate higher productivity and safety for our clients.

Engineering Solutions

  • Installation of several structures, such as PLEM and PLET
  • Pipeline commissioning and decommissioning
  • Hydrostatic test
  • Risers and manifolds installation
  • Subsea pipeline repair with mechanical connectors
  • Subsea pipelines launching
  • Several operations in offshore areas
  • Pull in and pull out

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Our Assets

We have an asset base able to meet any project demands of our clients and we are constantly innovating to build better assets that deliver better and safer services.

We have specialized in diverless operations and acquired ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicle) able to perform in depths from 0 to 3,000 meters. We are the only Brazilian company to execute inspections in this full range of depth.

Due to our innovative DNA, we have a department that projects, develops and implements tools and accessories for ROVs, creating effective and innovative solutions to meet specific projects. Besides, we train our employees intensively, making them specialized and qualified to operate high performance equipment.

Prevention Equipment

Inspection and maintenance activities with divers and ROVs – whether they are for observation, intervention, shallow or deep waters inspection – to assure the integrity of the inspected asset.

Contingency Equipment

We are benchmark in intervention and contingency actions. Our agility to meet the emergency demands reflects on projects’ safety and environmental disasters prevention.

Due to projects challenging nature, we created the ROV’s development and innovation project, that projects, develops and fabricates tools to meet each situation, as well as a specialized training for the team that will use the tools.


We have a fleet of modern vessels able to meet several clients’ demands on three areas of performance: Prevention, Engineering and Contingency.


We have a fleet of Inspection and Intervention ROVs. We implemented Diverless Project that develops exclusive tools to be incorporated to ROVs, replacing the diver in inspections from 0 to 3,000 meters, focusing on project integrity and employee safety.

Other equipment

At our facilities, we have a department with technicians and engineers that project, develop and implement tools and accessories used for subsea inspection and intervention activities, designed exclusively to enhance project performance.

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Our business and operating models incorporate strong ESG principles.

We work every day to prevent accidents and assure that natural resources be extracted safely and sustainably and we use all available technologies to minimize harmful impacts of oil exploration and production in natural resources and mankind.

At Oceânica, we promote a culture that prioritizes safety, health, and ethics of all our employees and all our other stakeholders.

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Why choose Oceânica

With more than 40 years operating in national and international markets, we are a Brazilian company with strong presence in offshore assets integrity, assuring long term environmental sustainability. We work on prevention, contingency and engineering seeking risk mitigation of potential environmental impacts of our clients’ activities. Our business strategy focuses on operational excellence and on the safety of our operations, providing the best experience to our clients, environment sustainability, and respect for society. We have solid social and environmental commitment, strong governance and constantly innovate in the subsea engineering market, being an equipment supplier for the entire offshore market.

We are constantly searching for innovative solutions to meet our clients’ current and future challenges.

We have international quality and management certifications: NBR ISO 9001:2015, NBR ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

44 Years operating
1.700 employees in 2021
24 thousand hours offshore interventions in 2020
34 ROVs in 2021
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